The holiday season is here! Make sure your restaurant is ready for the action

The holidays are upon us and while they bring merriment and cheer, they also bring a slew of stress for everyone working in the service industry. However, this stress isn’t necessarily from crowds of people coming into your restaurant at once. In fact, the restaurant industry notes a decline in the number of guests who visit during the holiday season because most people are at home enjoying meals with their families. However, just because the trend leans towards less guests does not mean that you should be lax on your duties as a manager. The holidays are accompanied by an entire set of stressors that can sometimes be even more difficult than busy nights.

Our restaurant management software is designed to help restaurants and franchises keep on top of the holiday season. Download our apps for restaurant owners and follow these tips for a successful season!

Decorate accordingly

As we said before, fewer people are dining out and more people are choosing to spend time at home during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean the whole season. Guests are in a jolly spirit, and they’re going to be more inclined to visit a restaurant that’s decorated with tinsel and lights! If you run a franchise, then the plans have probably already been sorted out for you by your higher-ups. If you’re a local business, though, make sure to decorate the space accordingly to attract guests and make them feel merry while they’re dining!

Prepare Schedules Early in Advance

Chances are that your employees also have plans during the holidays, and many of them are going to request a day or more off to be with their families or go on trips. Before it gets too late, have your employees submit time off requests! That way, you can make a preemptive schedule for the next few weeks which will make the entire process much less stressful. That way, if you already have a schedule out that covers the next several weeks, employees will know when they are working and when they are off, allowing them to plan around that!

Communicate effectively with employees

In addition to smart scheduling, you should also make sure that communication is smooth. Encourage your employees to come to you as soon as possible with any requests or issues that they may have. This is especially important while on the job, since the number of guests in your establishment can fluctuate greatly. Have a plan for when it’s busy, and one when it’s empty; both call for different strategies! The heart of a functioning restaurant during any season is communication. Each employee should know exactly what to do during their shift. Unfortunately, that can become tricky if you’re relying on vocal communication. Luckily, our app for restaurant owners and managers, Task, allows you to communicate and assign tasks via the app. That way, if employees forget their assigned duties, they could open up the app and review them! They could even mark which ones are finished and need attention.

Have Supplies on the Ready

Take what we said about the holidays being a down-season with a grain of salt; some restaurants could be way busier! For example, if your restaurant is inside of a mall or a shopping center, expect more people! Additionally, if your restaurant offers some sort of catering, then you can also expect an influx of business! That being said, you should have supplies stocked up just in case—nothing is quite as upsetting as showing up to your favorite restaurant only to learn your favorite dish is sold out! Note that stock is more than just food; it’s also cleaning supplies, condiments, silverware, bathroom supplies, and more!

Do Something Special for Your Staff

It is the holidays, after all, and chances are that your employees are so much more than staff; they’re family. Celebrate what they do for the team and for your business by doing something special. Depending on the budget you have at your restaurant, this will vary. Whether it be a little party, a gift, or even a tray of homemade cookies, your employees will appreciate the sentiment! Staff appreciation is what keeps most businesses running smoothly and happily, and a holiday gift will lighten the spirits of everyone! Also, for an added bonus during the holiday season, you could also continue to reward your employees for doing a good job with a merry flare! For example, using our restaurant solution, Wow, you could give shout outs and more to your employees! To stick with the holiday aura, give out themed Wows!

Happy holidays, everyone! Prepare your restaurant in the best and most efficient way possible by downloading our apps for restaurant owners. They’re designed to smooth out the managing and tracking process during any time of the year!