Trust us, the customer is not always right!

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We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “The customer is always right.” This saying implies that employees should always be serving the customer’s needs, waiting on them hand and foot, and allowing the customer to treat them however they like for the sake of the business. If you’ve ever worked in any industry, not just the service one, then you’re probably well aware that the customer is certainly not always right. Adhering to this outdated concept is not only frustrating, but it can also affect the way in which your employees work. Always complying with the customer’s demands, whether they be reasonable or not, could actually harm your business. If your business model is still running off of this concept, perhaps it’s time to reassess your plan. Here’s why.

It Dehumanizes Your Waitstaff

Your wait staff is the heart of your restaurant. They’re the ones who work with the customers, take orders, and deliver food and drinks. Unfortunately, customers aren’t always going to be nice and can sometimes be very rude and unreasonable. Forcing your employee to endure harassment-level criticism from customers essentially dehumanizes them and shows them that their feelings aren’t as important as a satisfied customer.

Nobody should have to feel uncomfortable at their job, and as an employer, you should always put the wellbeing of your wait staff ahead of a profit. Give your employees the chance to stand up for themselves and allow them to make decisions that are fair and just to their own persona. An employee who feels like their feelings matter is an employee who is happy.  

It Weakens Your Restaurant’s Reputation

Don’t be the restaurant that lets its customers walk all over it. Learn to say no to customers and to show them, and the community, that your restaurant is a respectful establishment. If your customer demands a discount, kindly decline if your restaurant isn’t currently offering. If you give into each and every one of your customer’s needs, your restaurant’s reputation is going to take a hit. As a restaurant, it’s okay to say no to customers, as long as you’re not rude. While you may be worried that unsatisfied customers are going to leave bad reviews, understand that one or two negative reviews from unreasonable customers isn’t going to make a huge dent, as long as the rest of your reviews are great!

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Reduces Compliance

If your workers are constantly being forced to endure the berating of rude customers, they’re not going to be as inclined to do their job. Not only are they going to be upset after having to accept harassment, but they’re also going to feel less motivated to complete other tasks. Who wants to do work for someone who doesn’t respect them?

Can Condone Sexual Harassment

Another very unfortunate issue in the restaurant business is sexual harassment. If a customer made a lewd comment to your employee, or even went so far as to touch them, then it’s your job to address this very real issue. Your employees are not property, and customers who cross boundaries have no place in your restaurant. As a manager, make sure that your employee is safe and make it your responsibility to escort that customer out. Allowing these types of incidents to slide under the table condones sexual harassment, and that is not okay.

Lowers Morale

Like we mentioned in our last post, your employees are the heart of your business. If your employees aren’t happy with the management and dread coming into work, then the morale is going to be very low. Letting customers walk all over your employees is going to affect how your employees perform because they’re going to be under the impression that their employers don’t care about them. Employees who feel unimportant aren’t going to perform as well. This can then affect how they treat pleasant and loyal customers, which can then in turn lead to your restaurant’s ratings tanking. Increase morale by showing your employees that you respect them.

Thank you for reading and we hope that this post was informative. The restaurant business is competitive.Therefore, it’s important to work hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly and that your employees are happy to come into work and do their jobs without issue. If this means standing up to problematic customers, then that’s fine. For help with running your restaurant, download our restaurant management software today!